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By | January 10, 2017

Car Parts Canada: Used vs. New / OEM

For smart car owners investigating Canadian auto parts, the debate between used vs. new or OEM parts has been going on for decades (if not more). There are benefits to new and used car parts, but which, in the end, is best for you and your car?

The question of used vs new pieces is a long standing debate and can not be added with a simple “new is better”, or “used is better” because it depends on the part …

Auto Parts Canada: Used vs New Parts-an Explanation Part-by-Part

Understanding whether parts are best bought brand new (or OEM parts) or used purchase, is best evaluated on a part-by-part basis. The reason is that some parts are better when they are new, while others are perfectly viable when buying used (35% to 75% less money). So, let’s take a look at the new vs used parts on a piece by piece basis …

Rubber and other consumables

Any part of rubber, by nature, will deteriorate over time, as the rubber does not last forever. Therefore, never buying rubber pieces that are already used to determine the amount of life they have left can be extremely difficult. The same is true for consumables. This includes: heater and other hoses, various belts, windshield wipers and brake lines.

Electrical parts

Electric parts can also be a difficult purchase on the used market, although if you are buying them from a reliable source, such as Woodbecks, they know what to look for and offer warranties-then electric parts can be viable in the second-hand market. If you are curious to know which electrical parts can be safely purchased in the used market, simply call us, we can point you in the right direction, as we never resell used parts that are not totally safe and safe for the long term.


Engines are a big part to buy as used car parts as they are great ticket items that are extremely expensive and can save a lot of money on the used car market Canada. Because they are a great price item, you’ll want a local source that offers a guarantee, like the guarantee we have available here, locally, at Woodbecks. Buying engines can be difficult however. While it seems ideal to have an engine with low kms on it, it may have accidents on your balance-which can be worse than kms. Either way, get a parts warranty.

Auto Parts Canada: The Easiest Way

For more ideas on what parts should-and should not be-bought used, call us here at Woodbecks. Our real car guys will be completely honest with you, because we would never sell a piece that we would not put in our own cars.