The often overlooked factor even more important than you should consider before buying a car? Mechanics for Girls

By | January 10, 2017


The high scary bill that comes with car repairs is what made me avoid the mechanic when something went wrong with my car.Nobody wants to hear It will cost more than $ 1000 to fix your car.That’s all a trip to the Caribbean – for a week! Being an adult is difficult, everyone.
Many of the #sheCANic community tried to comfort Courtney as they also felt their pain. One thing I say in my workshops, all parts of cars are going to fail over time. Everything in your car can break, wear, rust, malfunction, etc. Nothing on Courtney’s list of repairs is unusual or unusual.
The price of $ 5K for your 6 year old car is heartbreaking. Courtney’s misfortune began when she bought her car – a mini cooper, while super cute, is a unique foreign car. Unique, luxury and / or foreign cars come with a higher price tag for repair, and maintenance because they have more bells and whistles (think accessories and amenities) and it is difficult to find cheaper or technical / mechanical prices Qualified outside the representation.
The cost of repairing and maintaining our cars should be one of the most important details to consider when buying a car. We see a new BMW X3, love to look, love the drive, and love the sense of accomplishment that gives us. Guess what? We can pay the monthly payments! “Oh yeah, I’ll get this car!” So I thought. My car was new and I did not have to worry about repairs for years.

If you are looking to buy a luxury car, unique and foreign, compare the cost of the repair with the price of the purchase. Non-luxury brands. Do not automatically assume that free 3-year maintenance saves you money. Even with those options, luxury brands can still be more expensive in the long run. When I say luxury brands I think Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac. When I say they are not fancy, they think of conventional models like Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Ford Explorer and Kia Sorento.
Courtney’s dilemma is an example of how repair costs can overwhelm several years in a car. That is why it is important to understand what the repair costs will be prior to owning a car. I have found a great website that calculates the true cost of ownership (TCTO) of a car and includes such factors as gas, maintenance, repairs and even depreciation. #sheCANics tool very useful if you are looking to buy a car, new or used (within 5 years) !!

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Patrice Banks, founder of Girls Auto Clinic


The automotive experience for women is often one of STRESS, ANXIETY, AND inconvenience. It is no secret that many women are not educated about the operation of the car and how to take care of our cars; And we often make pessimists and poor decisions about buying and repairing cars because we are not educated. Girls Auto Clinic is here to help!
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